Who am I?

I am many things; adventurous, curious, mischievous, playful, commanding, wicked, sensual, and more. I enjoy the chemistry of many kinds of interactions, as long as strict obedience and respect is adhered to at all times. I love the spark of a good connection, and I have a beautiful balance of joyful light-heartedness and vicious sadism.

What is my experience?

I have over four years of Professional Dominatrix experience,

as well as over seven years as a skilled lifestyle dominatrix.

When I first started out as a Femdom, many of My sessions

were carefully planned around activities and I would bring My personality as an enhancement of the experience. Now I would say quite the opposite. I am the experience; all of the equipment and activities are simply tools for deepening your

submission to Me.

My passion is in power exchange and control; while I love

complex pieces of equipment and scenarios, I am often in My element controlling you simply with My presence.

I am a strong believer in compassion and caring for My submissives through aftercare, clear communication, and developing mutual trust. The deeper we get to know each other, the more your boundaries will be expertly pushed. As you expand into our relationship, you will grow as a submissive.

Where can you learn more about Me?

My Onlyfans subscription site

The best place to truly connect with Me online is via My Onlyfans account. You can interact on many levels, and I will always respond to messages there.

I spend a lot of time on X (formerly Twitter)

Twitter is a great place to see My day-to-day updates and pictures.

This interview with My friend Countess Diamond (you will need to sign in to Youtube to watch it)

This interview with Lady Pim on Her podcast (slightly outdated in terms of what I offer, but a great conversation)

Last but not least...

Here are a few things I love in life outside of Domination
  • Being taken on interesting dates and holidays (including dining, shopping, sightseeing and exploring)
  • Receiving gifts (see my wishlist)
  • Fun experiences including driving experiences, city breaks, luxury dining experiences, spa days
  • Reading and expanding My knowledge and understanding of the world and people (Fave authors: N.K.Jemisin, Octavia Butler, Angela Carter, Tamsyn Muir, Audre Lorde)
  • Astrology (I am a Gemini)
  • I have probably already mentioned it, but I absolutely LOVE horses and horse riding

I have plenty more interests to share with those lucky enough to serve Me.

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